Let The Activities Begin!

The CamperTrailers Annual Get-togeter was launched on Sunday evening, September 21 by the “owners of the group” Rob, Jason and Kevin.
Kevin provided a great background to the growth and development of http://www.campertrailers.org, listing all of its achievements and activities.


Here is a photo of the attendees. All happy faces ready for action!


Gabby and Kenya demanded to photographed for the blog. Hi kids!


On Monday September 22 the serious work at the CamperTrailers get-together began.
A popular event was the 12 volt and solar presentation by Shane Adams from JTS http://www.jtsonline.com.au
Rob, one of the groups owners is calling everyone to order.


Shane preaches to the 12 volt disciples. Hallelujah!


Rob, “keeper of the knowledge” of camper trailers and “owner of the group” always practises bare footed.


Shane shows off the latest flexible 12 volt solar panels. Lots of $$$.


Kevin Beckwith shared his experience and knowledge about using Hema digital maps using an iPad.


Once again the group was riveted to their seats.


The camper walkabout by David Cook is one of the most popular events. Campers are selected for their special features and the owners provide their unique perspective of their setup and answer questions.


David and Joy Wilkinson present the Echo Kavango Cross-over camper http://www.echo4x4.com.au/kavango.php


Jason has one of the newest campers. It was delivered and set up at Glen Innes on the day before the meeting! It is a three-level hard-floor camper called a Mirage RV http://www.miragerv.com.au

The Mirage RV has a double kitchen with BBQ.


Inside we can see levels two and three: the lounge area and bedroom.


Level one is the entry  to the hard floor and storage.


You get a sense of the size of the three levels from the rear.


Meanwhile back at Des’s Cub, more mundane tasks of washing and keeping the batteries charged with the solar panels were underway.


The activities continued into Day Two with a presentation by Stuart Peddle from Redarc Electrics, a South Australian vehicle electrics company http://www.redarc.com.au/ It seemed every had at least one Redarc product or wanted one. Des has an isolator in the VW Tiguan and a 12 volt DC-DC charger in the Cub.


The Recarc products are state of the art. This one shows how all the components are water-proofed.


Flexible solar panels that can be walked on! Many $$$$


These solar panels are pointing the way to the future, but are probably out of the reach of most campers today.


Back at JTS, Shane was demonstrating practical tips for making and repairing cables.


John Heath presented an informative session on getting a vehicle setup for towing and touring.


The days can be rounded off with a bit of shopping from vendors selling their camping wares. The “Hoffy Cooker” was a popular item and more that a few were sold.